Teaching = motivating + demonstrating + instructing + explaining           Learning = goal making + memorizing + training + thinking

Key words of the site: education, teaching, training, lecturing, mathematics, physics, curriculum, educational tools, learning aids, on-line education, problem solving, teaching for understanding, personalization of teaching, model, algorithm, professional development, brain-building, tutoring, etc.

Every teacher constructs his or her teaching practice based on his or her definition of teaching (sometimes not even realizing this). After years of teaching I had formulated my own definition of teaching. Teaching is guiding students through a set of learning experiences designed to help them with understanding of a specific topic and developing a specific skill.

Valentin Voroshilov


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Physics in Russian

Helping people with achieving their goals.

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Valentin  (Val) Voroshilov,   Ph.D.

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A Mathematics and Physics educator and methodologist in the U.S. and abroad with diversified teaching and research experience and a developed educational philosophy.

Dear Reader, welcome! Please, be advised that the largest part of this website is very old (only the photo and several pages are new), so my current English is much better than in the texts you find here (since I had no formal education in English I had to learn it on my own, and this still might be noticeable).

FYI, if you are interested in watching live physics lectures,

check http://www.ustream.tv/channel/clearphysics

every M, W, and F 2 – 3 pm.

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 P.S. Please, be advised that I am NOT the only Valentin Voroshilov on the web, but I am the only one who teaches physics!

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